Phoenix Rising!

It’s been a rough few years for everybody but I’m excited at the prospect of new ventures and opportunities that have presented themselves lately. More significantly, I’m particularly excited by the fact that these opportunities did not simply materialize out of thin air, but have been the result of our own efforts to “make things happen”.

There eventually comes a time when you get tired of waiting for the rain to stop and you simply go out in bad weather to hunt and harvest and do whatever you need to do to feed yourself. “Miraculously”, you achieve much better results than if you just hide in your hut waiting for things to get better.

I encourage any one of you who have allowed circumstances “beyond your control” to dictate your attitude and your actions to get out and brave the storm . Do not let failures discourage you from persevering. When times are hard you just need to work harder.

Somewhere out there, while thousands are losing hope, others are actually thriving! You do have choice.